President of Nadia's Hope Foundation, personal blogger, media presence, domestic abuse advocate.

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My name is Racha El-Dib, I live in Calgary and am the President and Founder of Nadia's Hope Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that brings awareness around domestic abuse situations.  My journey and advocacy started when my sister Nadia was violently murdered on March 25th, 2018 in a case of domestic abuse.  She had been seeing the perpetrator for a few months in late 2017.  After she had broken things off once realizing his toxic behaviour, he became adamant on them getting back together, but she continued to reject his advances.  He had decided to take thing to the extreme one night when he tried one last time to try and get back with her.  He had made it clear that the night was either going to end in her accepting his advances, or ending her life.  His decision to murder her was clear in the very violent way he ended her life.  Details of her murder are posted in the articles tab and section for more details.

I have been a strong media presence since my sister's passing in March 2018, and have used this as a platform to bring awareness of the rise in statistics of domestic abuse.  My family teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as the Calgary Emergency Women's Shelter to share Nadia's story as well as raise funds to go towards their shelter.  We have also become involved with Gems for Gems when they decided to name their first scholarship in honour of my sister Nadia.  I have also attended a conference on International Women's Day that was hosted at the McDougall Centre by the Uturn Project.  I've also created a podcast called Nadia's Hope, where I tackle issues of my experience of grief and my sister's death, domestic abuse, body image, sexual assault, and breaking the stigma and taboo of the narrative of domestic abuse survivors.  I have also created social media pages that share statistics and spread awareness on these issues in order to inform the public and reach as many people as possible.  I was the guest of honour at the Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter on March 29th 2018 at their charitable gala.

Our goal as a foundation is to bring education and awareness on domestic violence, and we are excited to announce that we have gone to High Schools in Airdrie in partnership with the RCMP, Victims Services and Stepping Stones to introduce the presentations with their help. We have had amazing feedback, and our next step is to implement them in Calgary. The proceeds and donations will be going towards our efforts in continuing the presentations and being able to host these presentations on a wider level. We thank you for any contribution as it helps our foundation greatly.


The link above will direct you to articles that detail the initiatives my family has taken on since my sister's death, and the charitable work we have done in memory of my sister Nadia.

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