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Picture of Nadia El-Dib, whom we lost to domestic violence in Calgary on March 25th, 2018.

If you need help and access to resources, please click on the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter logo to the right to direct you to their safe website, or call their toll-free hotline, available 24/7, at 403-234-7233. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.


About Our Organization

We are a Registered Charity with the CRA, our focus is bringing awareness around domestic abuse and violence. Our journey and advocacy started when we lost Nadia El-Dib, who was violently murdered in Calgary on March 25th, 2018, in a case of domestic violence.  She had been seeing the perpetrator for a few months in late 2017, but had broken things off when she noticed his toxic behaviour. Although Nadia had made it clear that they were just to remain friends, he became adamant on getting back together, but she continued to reject his advances.  He had decided to take an extreme approach one night when he tried one last time to try and get back with her.  He had made it clear that the night was either going to end in her accepting his advances, or ending her life.  His decision to murder her was clear in the very violent way he killed her, and his premeditated actions.  Details of her murder are posted in the articles tab and section for more details.

We have been a strong media presence since Nadia's passing, she is the sister of the President and Founder of the charity who wanted to create an organization in her name, and to be able to help other experiencing domestic violence. We have used this as a platform to bring awareness of the rise in statistics of domestic abuse.  We teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as the Calgary Emergency Women's Shelter to share Nadia's story as well as raise funds that went towards their shelter.  We also became involved with Gems for Gems when they named their first scholarship in honour of Nadia.  We attended a conference on International Women's Day that was hosted at the McDougall Centre by the Uturn Project. We have also created social media pages that share statistics and spread awareness on these issues to inform the public and reach as many people as possible.  The President Racha, was the guest of honour at the Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter on March 29th 2018 at their charitable gala.

Our goal as a foundation is to bring education and awareness on domestic violence, and we are excited to announce that we have gone to High Schools in Airdrie in partnership with the RCMP, Victims Services and Stepping Stones to introduce the presentations with their help. We have had amazing feedback, and we have started with the process to start coming to the high schools in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Our first project since gaining charitable status is to help families who have lost someone to domestic violence in Calgary, by providing financial aide and relief for their funeral and burial costs. All donations to our organization will be going towards our efforts in this project, and be able to help relieve the financial burden that they experience to low-income families. As Nadia's family, we were very lucky and thankful that we received community support to help cover expenses, and realize that not all families have that privilege. We recognized that we were lucky in that aspect, and want to help other families in however way we can.

Thank you for visiting our page and for learning about our initiatives.


The link above will direct you to articles that detail the initiatives my family has taken on since my sister's death, and the charitable work we have done in memory of my sister Nadia.


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